Division Name: Microprecision Calibration Inc. Philippines

Current Work Status: Operational Under Local Government Restrictions

Onsite Jobs Supported: Yes

Delivery Times: Expect Delays Due to ongoing Virus Mitigation Operations

Jobs Diverted to Alternate Lab Location: No

Alternative Business Contact Information:

Land line Phones having problem please contact 
your local account representitave or customer 
service on their mobile phone.

Sales CP no. Email Address
Alexander Leeping +639178828670 
Catherine Dandan Patricio +639178828780 
Joey Sallao – Williams +639175923651 +639770169229
Pamela Ann Masajo-Torres +639178828665 

CSR (Customer Service Representative)
Karina Mabaga Dotig karina.mabaga@microprecision.com
Erica Mercado Canlas erica.mercado@microprecision.com
May Sevilla may.sevilla@microprecision.com
Cristine Barairo cristine.barairo@microprecision.com

Group email address (requesting to always
copy this email address on all of your request,
inquiry and concerns)