Test Equipment Sales and Rental

We can address all of your test equipment needs. From the renting of specialized electronic equipment for a specific task, to the purchase of physical and dimensional tools, or even hard-to-find electronics. We are dedicated to speed, dependability and integrity.

Equipment Leasing

Via our sister company Micro Precision Test Equipment Inc., we offer customers rental and leasing services, which gives our customers flexible options to meet ever-changing equipment needs.

Why should I RENT?

Renting test equipment can be your solution to many service equipment benefits.

Consider the following advantages:

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Address emergency situations
  • Help to evaluate equipment before buying
  • Help with short-term projects
  • Fill in when a supplier fails to deliver on time
  • Fill in when your own production equipment fails
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs
  • Keeps working capital WORKING
  • Offer a wide variety of manufacturer and model options in one service provider