Micro Precision Onsite Calibration

Micro Precision Calibration, Inc. maintains a fleet of climate-controlled mobile laboratories.

Micro Precision comes to your facility

Our state-of-the-art mobile labs provide cost effective calibration services at your facility. You no longer need to disassemble your delicate equipment and send components across the country. Micro Precision Calibration provides on-site service to over 4,500 field service companies worldwide. We can provide on-Site service in other areas by special arrangement.

Benefits of Mobile Lab Services

We customize our onsite services to meet your requirements. We can set up in a designated area at your facility or in one of our mobile labs or we can calibrate your equipment right on your production line.

  • Saves shipping, downtime and excessive handling of expensive test instruments.
  • Provides a controlled calibration environment at your facility.
  • Establishes a set service date and time to work within your production schedule.
  • Provide technicians trained in electronic and mechanical calibration.
On-Site Calibration Capabilities Include
  • Electronic Calibration
  • Mechanical Calibration
  • Dimensional Calibration
  • RF Electronics Calibration
  • Temperature & Chamber Profiling Calibration
  • Pressure/Vacuum Calibration
  • Force/Torque Calibration
  • Surface Plates Calibration
  • Optical Comparators Calibration
  • Centrifuges Calibration
  • Balances/Scales Calibration
  • Incubators Calibration
  • Hardness Testers Calibration
  • Rectifiers Calibration
  • Spectrophotometers Calibration
  • Fume Hoods Calibration
  • ESD Stations Calibration
  • Autoclaves Calibration
  • Fiber Optics Calibration
  • Room Temperature Mapping Calibration
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