Micro Precision calibrates a wide variety of flow meter gas and water flow meters.

A flowmeter measures the rate that fluid or gas moves through it. Test and measurement professionals use them in a wide variety of applications where accurate flow measurements are critical, including (but not limited to) HVAC, energy and utilities, water management, aerospace, agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry. In applications like these, it’s important to calibrate the flowmeters that make the measurements. Regular calibrations assure you that the flowmeter’s measurements are as accurate as their specifications say they are.

Using the flow calibration system, we perform high accuracy gas flow device calibrations in the range of 0.05 – 2000 LPM to an accuracy of 0.6% of reading.

Water Flow Calibration uses a high accuracy flow calibration system able to generate 0 to 300 gpmat .1% accuracy using Endress + Hauser Coriolis Flow Meter.


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