Accurate temperature measurements is crucial for many industries, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical device and general manufacturing.
Micro Precision offers both commercial and 17026 accredited calibrations.

Micro Precision offers a full range of calibration for all your temperature requirements. We haveprimary standards including Standard Platinum Resistance
Thermometers (SPRT) and ITS-90 fixed point cells. SPRTs are calibrated in fixed point cells to provide the highest possible temperature accuracy.
Micro Precision has all of the equipment necessary for calibration traceable to the ITS-90, including furnaces, baths, resistance bridges and standard resistors.

Micro Precision has the Capability to calibrate non-contact IR guns, cameras and optical pyrometers. We have the ability of temperature simulation where we can simulate thermocouple or RTD’S using Fluke calibrators.


Unser Temperature Kalibrierungsdienste umfassen:

Kontaktieren Sie Micro Precision für Ihre Temperature Kalibrierungsanforderungen. Wir führen die Kalibrierung an einem unserer verschiedenen Standorte oder vor Ort in Ihrer Einrichtung mit der schnellsten Bearbeitungszeit und den wettbewerbsfähigsten Preisen durch.