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This is what our customers' want, what they need and it's what we provide.
At Micro Precision Calibration Inc. we listen to you and make every effort to provide the services you need to satisfy your business requirements. This makes Micro Precision Calibration Inc. the foremost calibration laboratory worldwide.

Environmentally controlled precision labs are available in United States, Mexico, Asia and Middle East.

We are constantly updating and expanding our electronics, mechanical, optical, temperature, pressure and dimensional calibration capabilities by listening to your business requirements, committing financial resources to new instruments and dedicating many hours to extensive employee certification and trainings. Remaining up-to-date with instrumentation and techniques is crucial to your success and ours. We provide high-quality, state-of-the-art calibrations with documentation that satisfies your industry and regulatory or audit requirements.

Our Permanent Labs Feature
  • Environmentally controlled facilities to ensure high quality and accurate calibrations and measurements.
  • Direction by a Professional Engineer registered in Metrology by the State of California.
  • Professionally trained technicians in electronic and mechanical calibration.
  • Quick turnaround by a full staff -- from sales to service.
  • Full custom database for data sheets, history, invoices, and computerized recall for upcoming due date.
  • Service by all major carriers, with our own pick-up and delivery in some areas.
  • Customers include over 10,000 companies globally.
  • Technical support for ISO, MIL standards, and database set-up.
  • Calibration Labs are located in the USA, Southeast Asia and Middle East.
We Care So We Provide
  • Eighty-five certified metrologists staffing two full shifts.
  • Rush calibration service, i.e., overnight and 3-day service.
  • Instrument pickup and delivery regionally.
  • Monthly notification when instruments are due for calibration.
  • Bar coded instrument and document tracking.
  • MPC Calibration Management System.
  • Worldwide shipping.
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